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Temporary structure or use
Temporary structure or use.
A temporary structure or use shall be permitted when in accordance with the following standards:
A. Permitted uses:
(1) Bloodmobile, mobile medical testing facility and similar activities related to the promotion of public health.
(2) Headquarters for political campaigns, for a period not to exceed three months.
(3) Offices for contractors on the site and during the period of construction only, after which the office shall move into one of the permanent units.
(4) Mobile office of the armed forces of the United States for public education or recruitment.
(5) Temporary housing for residents displaced from the principal residence due to damage which has made the structure uninhabitable while the principal dwelling is being constructed, renovated, or repaired.
(6) Temporary shelter for business operations that have been displaced from the principal building due to damage which has made the principal structure unusable while the principal structure is being repaired.
(7) Temporary nonpermanent shelter for business operations involving the sale of merchandise, including, but not limited to, tents used by the automotive industry for special events or sales.
(a) The location, size, purpose and duration of such shelter must be approved by the Township Zoning Officer two weeks prior to its placement on a property.
(b) A temporary structure may not remain standing longer than 30 days, unless an extension of time is approved, in writing, by the Township at the time of application, or within seven days before the time the approved application expires.
(c) The applicant, being either the property owner or business owner, shall submit a written letter notifying the address, size and type of structure, purpose of structure, and time the structure is proposed to remain standing. Such letter shall be submitted to the Township Zoning Officer for approval. The Zoning Officer reserves the right to obtain additional information before rendering a decision and may decline approval by supplying a written letter to the applicant stating why the proposed placement of such structure is not acceptable. Factors that may lead to disapproval include, but are not limited to, size, location, or type of structure.
B. Standards.
(1) Except as noted, a temporary use and occupancy permit shall not exceed six months in length. Said permits may be renewed once when approved by the Zoning Officer. A temporary use and occupancy permit shall not be required for those uses listed under § 455-43A(1) above, unless such uses remain in the same location for more than two consecutive days.
(2) In the case of the temporary structures in § 455-43A(3), § 455-43A(5) and § 455-43A(6) above, the temporary structure shall only remain in place until the principal structure(s) has been repaired or constructed. The initial permit may be renewed for one three-month period, provided that the applicant can demonstrate reasonable progress towards the completion of the project necessitating the temporary structure.
(3) It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate the need for a temporary use and occupancy permit.
(4) All setbacks and lot coverage requirements of this chapter shall be met to the greatest extent possible.
(5) The owner must reside in one of the structures during construction or renovations.
(6) Prior to the issuance of a land use permit for the construction and renovation on a lot where a temporary residential structure will be located, the owner shall sign a binding agreement with the Township that the provisions of this subsection shall be complied with.
(7) All temporary structures shall be removed completely within 30 days of the expiration of the permit without cost to the Township.
Application fee: $75.00 upfront fee for permit application